Enjoying Tuscan landscape, food and festivals

You won’t get bored at La Villa! The Tuscan countryside is perfect to enjoy outdoors activities, such as hiking, horse riding or going on bike tours. If you like long walks, the ancient pigrims’ walking trail ‘Via Francigena’ stretches up to Rome and passes very close to the house.

If you prefer colourful crowds, you can visit plenty of typical festivals around Tuscany. The most well-known is the Palio in Siena, a traditional horse race held twice a year in summer in the Piazza del Campo, right in the centre of town.

Tuscany also offers delicious food and wine, you can treat yourself to tastings all around the many restaurants and wine cellars. You will be able to taste the famous Pecorino cheese of Pienza and wines like Rosso di Montalcino, Brunello, Chianti and many more.